[HaystackID] The Accelerating Acceptance and Necessity for Remote Collections and Reviews

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Advances in remote eDiscovery technologies coupled with developments that are restricting the ability of organizations to support traditional onsite eDiscovery operations are accelerating the acceptance of remote collections and remote legal document reviews. However, not all remote-centric collections and document review technologies, processes, and providers are equal, and knowing how to compare different approaches may mean the difference between litigation or investigation success or failure. In this expert presentation, remote collection and review experts will share information, insight, and experiences designed to benefit leaders and organizations as they consider remote eDiscovery in our new remote world.

Webcast Highlights

+ Defining Remote eDiscovery: Definitions, Differences, and Decisions
+ Considering Remote Collections: Targets, Tasks, and Technologies
+ Reviewing Remotely: From Reviewer Selection to Secure Technologies
+ Remote eDiscovery Best Practices: Practical Considerations and Recommendations

Presenting Experts

+ Michael Sarlo, EnCE, CBE, CCLO, RCA, CCPA - Michael is a Partner and Senior EVP of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics for HaystackID.

+ John Wilson, ACE, AME, CBE - As CISO and President of Forensics at HaystackID, John is a certified forensic examiner, licensed private investigator, and IT veteran with more than two decades of experience working with the US Government and both public and private companies.

+ Seth Curt Schechtman - As Senior Managing Director of Review Services for HaystackID, Seth has 15 years of industry and 13 years of big law experience focused on legal review supporting multimillion-dollar review projects including class actions, MDLs, and Second Requests.
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